1. Only enter data in the white cells
  2. Use the mouse or the tab key to move from cell to cell. Shift + tab to go back a cell
  3. Enter the flexi period start date in the format DD/MM/YY eg: 29/05/06 (other formats are not accepted).  The start of the working week can be any day
  4. Enter basic weekly hours eg: 35.  If you enter a fraction of an hour eg: 18 and ½ hours per week, this should be in decimals ie: 18.5  (NB decimal point in this cell only!)
  5. Enter your name or the name of the person whose hours you are recording (optional)
  6. Enter an amount in the flexi balance brought forward (optional). This cell relates to hours worked in previous weeks.  Select either a flexi credit balance (+) or a flexi debit balance (-) from the drop down menu and then enter the hours eg: + 2:25
  7. Use the 24 hour clock when you enter ‘in’ and ‘out’ times eg: 17:15
  8. Use a colon (no spaces) to separate hours from minutes
  9. You need not fill in times in every cell on every day, but you must fill in at least one ‘in’ time and one ‘out’ time (in the same block) on the days you are recording. The time sheet calculates the daily totals for you
  10. You may want to type (words) in the comments cell to remind yourself of particular activities on a particular day eg: conference 
  11. Enter (paid) holiday days and (paid) days off sick in the ‘add hours’ cell for that day  eg: enter 7 ¼ hours as 7:15 (7 hours and 15 minutes)
  12. Enter unpaid time-out on a particular day for a non work related activity in the ‘deduct hours’ cell for that day eg: 1:50 (one hour and 50 minutes)


  • Check out the example page for clarification on any of the above instructions
  • If you want to clear the sheet and enter different times, press ‘Clear Data’ to start again
  • You may want to print off a blank time sheet to fill in your times by hand over a weekly period, then enter the data at the end of the week in one go. 
  • The time sheet calculates your total working hours for the week and gives you a flexi balance (credit or debit) against your basic weekly hours. 
  • When you have entered all your times, press ‘print data’ to keep a paper record of your working week. For best results, use "Landscape" format. The ‘free trial’ will not allow you to save the time sheet to your computer. The subscription service (available in early 2007) will enable you to do this.