Flexi Time Manager


Printed on 09 May 2008

What our customers say about us

These are some of the positive comments users of the Flexi Time database have made:

" This is a great product; I have found nothing else like it on offer. It fulfills the need many businesses now have to put in place a simple, easy to use, flexi time control system. With increasing numbers of employees working 'non-standard' patterns, FTM offers the perfect solution." 

Director, The Hambleden Group, London

" The Flexi Time product does everything it says - but what I rate most highly is the service quality and support that FTM staff provide. This is a rare commodity with internet services."

Contracts Manager, READ Well Services, Aberdeen

“ I have been using the Flexi Time calculation sheet for some weeks now and it has been absolutely fantastic and saves me a lot of time.  I have also introduced it to all of the other admin staff in my office. I think this calculation sheet is the best ever! I really have not come across anything better”

Winnie Gardner, Walsall, UK

“ I have found FTM to be an easy, user-friendly system that enables me to manage my contractors with minimum fuss and effort.”

HSE Manager, NXP Semi Conductors, Southampton, UK

" The single most important benefit for attracting and retaining staff has to be Flexi Time."

Finance Director, Housing Association, Aberdeen