Flexi Time Manager

Flexi Time Database

Printed on 03 May 2012

Online Flexi Time Database

A unique low cost web-based time sheet solution for calculating and recording working hours and flexi time, attendance, holidays and absence.

You will have your own individual database, with an optional advanced user profile. The time sheet automatically calculates working time, flexi credit or debit and flexi carry forward, and stores the information permanently.

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  • Get a personal flexi system in minutes
  • No software to install on your PC
  • A permanent online record of your flexi time information
  • Online help available throughout the database
  • Intuitive, clear screen layout 

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Click to enlarge: Flexi Time Sheet Data Entry

Versatile and user-friendly

  • Enter your times for each working day
  • Add or deduct hours if applicable
  • Record any comments
  • Save your entries any time, log in later and continue
  • View your total hours and flexi balance 'as you go' - all on one page
  • Print out your time sheet whenever you like
  • Go back and edit entries

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Click to enlarge: Edit User Flexi Time Profile

Create your own individual user profile

  • Basic weekly hours
  • Limits to your working day
  • Minimum lunch time
  • Core working times
  • Minimum daily hours

These user profile rules can be applied for any period, varied, or turned off altogether, as required.

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Click to enlarge: Flexi Time Sheet Weekly Report

Print out weekly and flexi period reports

You can print off complete details of your current weekly time sheet or any previous week.  All information is securely stored in the database. You can go back and make corrections and additions.

  • weekly time sheets at any time
  • flexi period reports with details of your flexi balance
  • your current user profile

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