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Benefits of Flexible Working
Introducing a flexible working policy can benefit everyone in your business - employers, employees and their families. Many employers believe that it makes good business sense and brings the following improvements: Impact of flexible working on employees
The main gain for your employees from flexible working arrangements is the increased opportunity to fit other commitments and activities in with work, and make better use of their free time. This can be particularly helpful for people caring for children or other dependants, but others may find flexible working helpful too. They may feel more in control of their workloads, and manage a better balance between life and work. Employees will avoid the stress of commuting at peak times if their start and finish times are staggered or if they work from home, and many employers find that introducing flexible working arrangements reduces absenteeism and sickness levels. Impact of flexible working on the customer
Flexible working hours could help your customers in many ways. You could find you are able to offer longer opening times, more experienced staff and a better overall service.
(Article taken from:
“Business impact of flexible working” )

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