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Time Sheet for Online Flexitime Calculation - Flexi Timesheet

Online Flexi Time Database A unique low cost web-based time sheet solution for calculating and recording working hours and flexi time - with all the features of a sophisticated flexi time system
Each user has their own individual database, with their own user profile. Enter working times and just press 'Save' to record them permanently. The time sheet automatically calculates working time, flexi credit or debit and flexi carry forward.
Try a free 4-week trial of the Online Database
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Versatile and user-friendly
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Create your own individual user profile
These user profile rules can be applied for any period, varied, or turned off altogether, as required.
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Print out weekly and flexi period reports
You can print off complete details of your current weekly time sheet or any previous week.  All information is securely stored in the database. You can go back and make corrections and additions.

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